To the Student

Message from Dr. Margaret Semmer Provost and Vice President of Academic & Student Services

Welcome to Monroe Community College! I am excited to welcome you to the College, whether you are taking this College Success course face-to-face or online. Completing College Orientation (COS 101) or College Orientation and Success Strategies (COS 133) is the first step to achieving your educational and career goals. Throughout this course, you will have opportunities to make connections with your professor, fellow students, and the college community, as you develop the knowledge and skills that will assist you as you move through your academic pathway. If you are unsure about which academic pathway is right for you, Chapter 4: Career Exploration and Pathways, and Chapter 2: Setting Goals will help you to select educational and career areas that interest you most, prepare you to set your goals, and help you monitor your progress toward achieving them.

I am certain that you will find the information and the skills you learn in this class beneficial throughout your coursework and in your future. For example, some students discover that it is difficult to manage their time while in college, finding that responsibilities at home and work often pull them in multiple directions. Chapter 3: Time and Space will help you to discover the best ways to make time to complete your work and study regularly, while still addressing your other responsibilities. Another challenge that students sometimes face is managing money and financial responsibilities. Chapter 5: Student Finances provides information about budgeting, paying for college, and setting financial goals—all tools that will help you to stay at MCC and graduate.

According to President Burt-Nanna, MCC is dedicated to “remain focused on achieving educational equity” and promises we will “stay attentive to our students and their path to success.” You can learn more about what that means and read MCC’s Commitment to You in Chapter 7, Diversity and Inclusion.

Finally, as former First Lady Michelle Obama stated, “Education is a two-way bargain. At the end of the day, the person who has the most say over whether or not a student succeeds is the student him or herself. Ultimately, they are the ones sitting in that classroom. They’re the ones who have to set goals for themselves and work hard to achieve those goals every single day.” This College Success course will give you the tools that will help you succeed in all your courses.

Your future starts today! MCC has the resources and caring staff ready to help you as you take these steps toward your future. We open the doors for you to make connections and choices that will result in your success.

I wish you the best and encourage you to participate in all that MCC has to offer as you begin or continue your college journey.



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