Chapter 6: Learning & Studying

Chapter 6 Activities & Resources

Key takeaways for review

  1. Identity and debunk two or more myths about learning.
  2. Differentiate between short-term and long-term memory, and describe the role of each in effective studying.
  3. What is your plan to ensure that your studying techniques lead to deep learning? Which memory-strengthening strategies will you be using?
  4. Explain some actions you should take before, during, and after completing the following tasks:
    • an assigned reading
    • an upcoming test
    • a research paper
    • an oral presentation with visuals

Giving academic advice

Megan is currently taking two classes: geology and English. In her geology class, the instructor lectures for the full class time and gives reading assignments. In Megan’s literature class, the instructor relies on class discussions, small group discussions, and occasionally even review games. Megan enjoys her English class, but she struggles to feel engaged and interested in geology.

What strategies can Megan use to stay motivated and involved in both of her courses? What note-taking methods might be best for each one and why?

MCC Libraries

This chapter in your textbook covers important topics like deep learning, note-taking, the role of memory, testing strategies, evaluating test results, writing strategies, and presentations.

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